I’m obsessed with finding great, all natural pet products, recipes, and remedies at realistic prices!

In an effort to introduce a healthier way of eating and living into my family’s daily life, I wanted to involve the pet family, too. As a mom of two very active little boys and one very hungry husband, AND a family living on a single budget, I wanted to discover ways to make food tastey, healthy, and easy on the pocket book (hey, we’re all dealing with the same economy and healthy dog food ain’t cheap!).

We’ll start out slow and introduce some raw, some cooked, some meaty, some veggie, gluten-free, etc, (and various treats to keep the gang happy), and see what works and who likes what 🙂 I’m doing as much research as possible and will speak with as many vets and animal nutritionists as I can. I won’t claim one way is better than the other or that kibble is bad (we’re totally on kibble over here), but I’ll strive to compile as much information as possible in order to help everyone decide what’s best nutritionally and physically for their pets and why.

I’m hoping to try a once a week meal for the girls and at least twice a week for us furless types. I’ll do my best to incorporate prices, quantities, and nutritional values as I can (as much as I know and have access to). Please just keep in mind that I’m learning as I go as many of you might be, too.

Here’s to hoping no one cries foul and jumps ship 😉

Also, please feel free to chime in on tips and treats that have or haven’t worked for you!


Once we get rolling and get some solid recipes and products, a portion of all proceeds will go to animal rescue and welfare groups 🙂 OF COURSE!


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