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Have dog, Will Travel…

I’m starting with the Kimpton brand because we have 2 of their awesome boutique hotels here in Dallas, The Palomar and Hotel Lumen. Having worked in the the hotel sales and event planning world, I like this brand on an entirely separate level (they’re beautiful, accommodating, and GREEN!), but the fact that they allow pets is fantastic! It’s not just that they simply allow pets, they spoil them and welcome them with open arms and doggy goodies!If you’re not familiar with Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants take a look to see if they’re in any of your future destination cities.

Kimpton Hotels are pet friendly!

Here are some interesting travel trends…

Travel Industry Association of America (January 2009)

• 14 percent of all U.S. adults (29.1 million) say they have traveled with a pet on a trip of 50 miles or more in the past three years

• The percentage of households traveling with pets increases during summer months when more families travel

• When traveling with pets, cars are the primary mode of transportation (76%), followed by RVs (10%), and airlines (6%)

• 29 percent of people traveling with pets stay at a hotel

• Dogs are the most common type of pet to travel with (78%)

• Other traveling animals include cats (15%), birds (2%) and either a ferret, rabbit, or fish (3%)

Where do you fall into the category? How many of you travel regularly with your pets? Where do you go? I’d love to hear stories and see pictures!

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Digest this!

Canine Digestion quick fact:

A dog’s digestive system is one of the shortest in the mammal world. Unlike humans who have amylase in the saliva, a dog’s digestion does not begin in the mouth. Aside from chewing food to allow for easier swallowing, there’s no digestive breakdown in a canine mouth by salivary enzymes. The breakdown of food and nutrients begins in the stomach where, in conjunction with various organs (pancreas, liver, small intestine to name a few), hydrochloric acid breaks down food and, along with a number of enzymes and actions, is reduced into nutrients (carbohydrates to simple sugars, fats to fatty acids, and proteins to amino acids) your dog’s cells use to transport, feed, and cleanse the body.

Canine Digestive System

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March Madness!

ERIN GO BRAGH! (We’re O’Dwyers over here)

It’s been a bit quiet here on The Organic Dog…

I could sit here and lament how mommy duties and surgeries and sick kiddos and home remodels and… oh wait, I’m lamenting… I’ll stop. I could make excuses, but I won’t. I made a promise to bring as much info as as possible on canine (and feline now, too!) nutrition and health & wellness when I started this blog (and a resolution if you’re keeping track. oy.) and haven’t quite followed through with that. Well, that’s about to change. I’ve taken this time to really read up on different topics and trends, study, experience, try out, and discuss amongst friends and professionals about this venture and I’ve now decided on the direction in which I’d like to head. I’m excited about what’s to come and I hope everyone who joins me is, too! We’re all about moving forward and learning new things so let’s get started 🙂

Here’s what’s on deck for the month of March:

* RECIPES, PLEASE! One recipe a week for all who are interested in incorporating this nutrition journey into you and your pet’s lifestyle!

* Tips, How To’s, and Q & A for general Health, Training, and Behavior!

* Guest Posts from fellow Canine/Feline Nutritionists, Vets, Massage/Acupuncture -pressure Specialists, Trainers, and more!

* Canine/Feline Health 101 – Will focus on different health topics such as Diabetes, Auto Immune Disease, Allergies, etc (give us some suggestions if you have any in mind)!

* Lifestyle, Trends, Travel, and Fun Stuff (contests, too!)

I’m really looking forward to pumping this into full gear and would love to hear comments, critiques, questions, or suggestions (keep the hating to a minimum, please) so we can all benefit and learn more about our canine and feline friends.

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